June 7

Alexander Churchyard & Michael Holiday Interview – Mosaic (2022)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Alexander Churchyard & Michael Holiday Interview - Mosaic (2022)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/directors Alexander Churchyard & Michael Holiday about their upcoming film “Mosaic.” A horror anthology which set in the same universe as their previous film “I Scream on the Beach.”

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:54) Alex & Michael talk about why they wanted to do an anthology in the first place, the variety of horror we can expect from the various segments in the film and how they made a spaceship for a film-within-the-film (the hilariously titled Striptease Massacre 7). Plus we get into how far they are currently into filming, what it is like filming under COVID protocols and why they decided to resurrect “I Scream on the Beach” character Paula Valentine (Dani Thompson) for this movie.

Elsewhere in the interview, Scott talks to the pair about the various projects they are working on next, their editing work on last week’s guest Tony Mardon’s debut “The Witches of the Sands” and why they enjoy working with a lot of the same actors. Plus, we go on a massive tangent about the Friday the 13th franchise where Michael tries to defend Part 5 much to Scott’s dismay.

You can listen to Alex & Michael’s previous interview on the pod here


Alex Churchyard, Anthology, Friday the 13th Franchise, I Scream on the Beach, Indie Horror, Michael Holiday, Mosaic, slasher, Space ship, Striptease Massacre 7, The Decorator, TIS Films

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