April 26

Bonus Episode – Dead by Dawn Round Up Part II (The Features)


Bonus Episode – Dead by Dawn Round Up Part II (The Features)

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In the second part of New Horror Expresses look back at the Dead by Dawn 2019 NHE host Scott Murphy and special guest co-host Frank Broz round up the new features. While there may have been a tad fewer new features this year than usual (there was seven) both agree it was a strong line-up, and it was difficult to pick a top 3, but they did, and it turned out to be exactly the same!

That is not all as on top of counting down their top 3 Scott and Frank round up the rest of the features and give their final thoughts on this year Dead by Dawn.

Scott and Frank’s Joint Top 3 New Features:

3. Tous Les Dieux Du Ciel (All the Gods in the Sky) (2018)

2. Heavy Trip (2018)

1 Luz (2018)


All the Gods in the Sky, Dead by Dawn, Edinburgh, Heavy Trip, Jukka Vidgren, Juuso Laatio, Luz, Quarxx, Tilman Singer

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