May 10

Brandon Christensen Interview – Superhost (2021)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Brandon Christensen Interview - Superhost (2021)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Brandon Christensen about his upcoming feature “Superhost.” A jet black comic horror that might make you think twice about your next vacation rental (whenever that becomes a thing again!).

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:38) Brandon tells us the curious backstory to how he got the idea for the film, what it was like working with horror icon Barbara Crampton and how the “Creep” films proved a major inspiration on this feature. Plus we talk about the difficulties of filming in a pandemic, the peculiarities of IMDB and whether he was afraid of being penned as the “family horror” guy after his previous two features (“Z” and “Still/Born).

Elsewhere in the interview Scott talks to Brandon about whether he thinks directing gets easier over time, if he thinks “vacation rental” horror will become it own mini-sub-genre and about his work in the field of visual effects. Also, the pair debate whether films have lost some of their importance in our current streaming age.

“Z” and “Still/Born” are available here and here

“Superhost” is due for release later in 2021

New Horror Express can also be found on the Morbidly Beautiful network


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