August 30

Christopher Alender, Marcos Gabriel & T. Justin Ross Interview – The Old Ways (2020)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Christopher Alender, Marcos Gabriel & T. Justin Ross Interview - The Old Ways (2020)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Christopher Alender, writer Marcos Gabriel and producer T. Justin Ross about their new possession horror “The Old Ways.” Which is now available on Netflix.

In the interview (the interview begins at 2:00) Christopher, Marcos & Justin talk to us about the earliest origins of the film, the research that went into it and how they wanted to put fresh twist on the possession sub-genre. Plus, Christopher & Marcos tell us about learning special effects on the fly, Christopnher chats about dealing with snakes on set and Justin talks about the disappointment of missing Stiges (despite the best efforts of the organisers to get them there).

Elsewhere in the episode, the script is flipped as Marcos briefly starts interviewing Scott and there are a number of random digressions talking about The Muppets, English muffins and podcast sponsors amongst other things.

You can watch the Old Ways on Netflix UK here

You can find more info on the film by visiting the official site here


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