November 19

Episode 13 – Adam MacDonald Interview


Episode 13 – Adam MacDonald Interview

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SPOILER WARNING: If you have not seen the film “Pyewacket” and do not want any spoilers do not listen to this episode now. That said obviously we recommend after you have to come back and listen to Adam’s thoughts on the film.

In our latest episode NHE host Scott Murphy talks to “Pyewacket” director Adam MacDonald. As you can see from above the movie is discussed extensively from the development to Adam’s comprehensive research into the Occult to the casting and more. Away from “Pyewacket” Scott talks to Adam about his acting career, how he got into directing, his favourite filmmakers and touch briefly on future projects. including season 3 of “Slasher.”


Acting, Adam Macdonald, Netflix, Occult, Psychological horror, Pyewacket

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