Episode 21 – Gregor Barclay & Colin Bell Interview

Episode 21 – Gregor Barclay & Colin Bell Interview

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NHE host Scott Murphy chats to directors Gregor Barclay and Colin Bell about their yet-to-be-released debut feature, the post-apocalyptic horror “Ribbons.” Over the course of the interview, Scott talks to Gregor and Colin about the challenges of filming a feature in four days which was also completely improvised. Not that was the only challenge as Gregor and Colin also tell us all about the other difficulties they faced some extreme weather particularly!

Since the interview took place, Gregor has informed us that while the movie has no official release date that the edit is nearly locked, they will be recording the score over the next few weeks and are aiming to hit festivals later on in the year.

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Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy is a free-lance journalist, reviewer and podcaster. He got into horror in his early teens and has not looked back since. He currently writes reviews for Slimehouse TV and has previously written for Subtitled Online and The 405. His favourite horror movie is The Shining and his favourite horror novel is Interview with The Vampire.

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