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Episode 33 – Eric Liberacki Interview


Episode 33 – Eric Liberacki Interview

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NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director and cinematographer Eric Liberacki about his feature debut the retro-slasher “The Lurker.” In an interview that was recorded ahead of its World Premiere at Cinepocalpyse. And particularly given the festival is in Eric’s hometown of Chicago we talk a little about his excitement of premiering the movie there.

Also, over the course of the interview, we talk to Eric extensively about the production of “The Lurker.” From how he came on board as director. To the casting of the likes of Scout Taylor Compton (Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies) and Naomi Grossman (Pepper in American Horror Story). And some of the challenges of the shoot.

Plus there are loads more in there about Eric’s favourite slashers, how he got into horror himself, how he split his time as a filmmaker and a film lecturer and a whole lot more besides.


90s Slashers, Ari Lehman, Chicago, Cinematography, Cinepocalypse, DePaul University, Eric Libreracki, Indie Horror, Naomi Grossman, Scout Taylor-Compton, Slasher movies, Theatre

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