October 14

Episode 36 – Rob Grant Interview II


Episode 36 – Rob Grant Interview II

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NHE host Scott Murphy chats to returning guest Rob Grant about his latest feature, “Harpoon,” and unlike the last time, this time, Rob didn’t have to catch a plane, so the pair get the chance to really talk!

Over the course of the interview, Rob tells us all about the making of the picture from how he assembled the cast to the difficulties of filming on a boat to how, at one point, British comedy legend John Cleese was set to be the narrator before Brett Gelman got involved. Rob also tells us about what he finds so compelling about unlikable characters. Plus, we also talk to Rob about the themes of the movie, most notably, that current hot button theme toxic masculinity.

Plus, in the episode, Scott and Rob debate the current health of indie horror and indie cinema in general as well as the merits of Titanic and superhero movies.

Watch “Harpoon” trailer here

“Harpoon” is now available on VOD and Blu-ray in the States and can be purchased here. It is due for release in the UK at a later date.


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