January 20

Episode 43 – Charlie Steed


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 43 - Charlie Steed

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Charlie Steed about his latest feature, “The Barge People,” which pits a small group of city-folk on a barging holiday against a family of cannibalistic mutant fish people!

In the interview, Charlie tells us about how he came to direct the picture, why he thinks backwoods horror movies are so rare in the UK and the difficulties of filming on a canal. Also, how he feels horror has lost some of its sense of fun and how we wanted to re-inject that with this film as well as his other movies.

We also talk about Charlie’s ridiculously prolific output and how he has not one, not two, but three films in post-production in blaxploitation flick”Death Ranch,” vampire movie” After Dark” and haunted house film “An English Haunting.”

You can watch the trailer for “The Barge People” here


Backwood Horror, Cannibalism., Carl Andersson, Charlie Steed, David Lenik, Eden Lake, Fish people, Kane Surry, Kate Davies-Speak, Makenna Guyler, Mark McKirdy, Matt Swales, Natalie Martins, The Barge People

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