March 30

Episode 48 – Lex H Jones


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 48 - Lex H Jones

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to horror novelist Lex H. Jones about his first children’s book; the Lovecraftian inspired “The Old One and Sea.” The first book in the Sinister Horror Company’s new children’s book range.

In the interview (interview begins at 2:12), we talk to Lex about why he decided to tackle children’s fiction, what the initial inspiration behind the story and his long-held passion for the writings of HP Lovecraft (though not necessarily the man whose problematic legacy we also discuss).

Elsewhere in the interview, Scott and Lex talk about how there was more horror for kids in the 80’s, the continuing allure of the “Video Nasties” era. And on a more serious note, mental health awareness (a conversation jump-started by the fact one of the characters in the book has PTSD).

Finally, Lex gives us an insight into what we can expect from the second and third installments of his Lovecraft-inspired children’s book trilogy.

You can buy “The Old One and The Sea” here

You can also check out Lex’s other works here


Chilldrens Literature, Horror for Kids, Horror Literature, Lex H Jones, Lovecraftian, Sinister Horror Company, The Cthulu Mythos, The Old One and the Sea

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