April 27

Episode 50 – Evan Witmer (AKA Odd Fiction)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 50 - Evan Witmer (AKA Odd Fiction)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to horror writer Evan Witmer (AKA Odd Fiction) about his first short story collection, “Pages from the Pizza Crows.” Featuring a variety of tales corralled from his website oddfiction.com.

In the interview (interview begins at 3:09), we talk to Evan about how he went about selecting which of his many stories went into the collection, where that curious title came from, and his experiences in self-publishing. Also, we talk about how he transitioned from children’s fiction into horror fiction how he got into horror and his lifelong fascination with mythical creatures.

Plus, Evan gives a little glimpse into his upcoming novel and what Volume 2 of Pages from the Pizza Crows holds in store.

You can buy “Pages from the Pizza Crows” here


Downbeat endings, Evan Witmer, Horror Literature, Lovecraftian, Monsters, Mythical Creatures, Odd Fiction, Pages from the Pizza Crows, Self Publishing, Short Story Collection, Weird Fiction

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