June 8

Episode 53 – Alex Churchyard & Michael Holiday


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 53 - Alex Churchyard & Michael Holiday

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director’s Alex Churchyard and Michael Holiday about their movie “I Scream on The Beach”. A film that pays fun tribute to the 80’s slasher genre and has one of the most surprising reveals you are likely to see this year!

In the interview (the interview begins at 2:12), we talk to Alex and Michael about the long journey from initial script to filming, how they stretched their ultra-low budget, and how they went about making the film look as authentically like a dodgy VHS as possible. There is also much chat about the variety of slashers that influenced their movie, and our host takes great pride in spotting a Video Nasty reference that, apparently, had whizzed by audiences heads up until that point.

Plus, Alex and Michael tell us about how they got Lloyd Kaufman to cameo in the film and their attempt to get Bill Moseley to cameo as well. Finally, the pair tell us about the plans for their next movie.

Watch “I Scream on the Beach” trailer here


80's, Alex Churchyard, Dani Thompson, Hannah Paterson, Homage, Horror on Sea, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Holiday, Parody, Reis Daniel, Slashers, The Decorator, Throwback, VHS

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