August 17

Episode 58 – Eric Power


New Horror Express
Episode 58 - Eric Power

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to the director and animator Eric Power about his latest feature, “Attack of the Demons” – An animated creature feature that makes playful homage to the likes of “Demons,” “The Thing,” and “Evil Dead 2,” amongst others.

Over the course of the interview (begins at 1:59), we talk to Eric about the pain-staking paper-cut animation process used to make the film, 80s nostalgia and his frustration at the frequent (misguided) comparisons to South Park the movie has received. Plus, Eric talks to us about the importance of music to the film and detailing some of his film festival experiences he has had with the feature.

Away from the feature Eric tells us about why he loves the paper-cut animation process, how he got into filmmaking and details the many, many projects he plans to work on next (which include a possible sequel to “Attack of the Demons”).

Watch “Attack of the Demons” trailer here


80s Horror, 90s, Andreas Petersen, Attack of the Demons, Eric Power, Italian horror, John Dixon, paper-cut animation

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