September 14

Episode 60 – Lars Damoiseaux


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 60 - Lars Damoiseaux

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Lars Damoiseaux about his film “Yummy.” A splatter happy zombie horror-comedy set in a shabby Eastern European hospital for plastic surgery – which is also apparently Belgium’s first zombie movie!

Over the course of the interview (begins at 1:58), we talk to Lars about the short film origins of the picture, whether he was intimidated make a zombie film given how over-saturated they have become and if he found it a step-up going from short to feature filmmaking. We also get into some of the more spectacular gross-out moments in the film, and whether or not he worried about pushing things “too far.”

Away from the film we to talk to Lars about the relative lack of horror films that have come out of Belgium, the difficulties of getting funding for genre films and he tells about the cannibal pic that he wants to work on next. Oh, and yes, Lars did send us the T-shirt mentioned in the episode and it is very cool.

Watch the trailer for “Yummy” here

You can watch the “Yummy” on Shudder here


Bart Hollanders, Belgium, Eastern Europe, ficitional language, Gory, Horror-comedy, Lars Damoiseaux, Maaike Neuville, Penis on fire, Plastic Surgery, Yummy, Zombie frog, Zombies

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