October 5

Episode 62 – Amelia Moses


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 62 - Amelia Moses

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Amelia Moses about both her debut feature the psychological thriller “Bleed with Me” and her second feature werewolf film “Bloodthirsty”. Both of which premiered this year within a few months of each with the former premiering at Fantasia Fest while the latter closed Fantastic Fest just last week.

Over, the course of the interview (begins at 2:27) we talk to Amelia about the development of both pictures and how they ended up coming out so close together. Amelia also tells about challenges of filming both in the middle of the Canadian winter and how she plans not to repeat that experience. You will also hear her recount filming in a snowstorm for “Bleed with Me.” Plus we ask Amelia how different it is working on a project you wrote yourself (“Bleed with Me”) as opposed to adapting someone else’s work (“Bloodthirsty”).

Elsewhere in the interview Scott and Amelia talk about the relative dearth of quality werewolf films, Amelia gives her thought on the rise of female filmmakers in horror and tells us about her personal approach in dealing with actors.

You can watch the trailer for “Bleed with Me” here

You can watch a clip of “Bloodthirsty” here


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