October 12

Episode 63 – Matthew John Lawrence


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 63 - Matthew John Lawrence

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Matthew James Lawrence about his latest feature “Uncle Peckerhead.” A punk-rock horror comedy that might just contain the most eminently lovable man-eating monster ever put on screen.

Over the course of the interview (begins at 1:37), we talk to Matthew about how he developed the Uncle Peckerhead character and how he decided actor David Littleton was perfect for the character. He also tells us about how much of the film was based on his own (and his friends) touring experiences (minus the man-eating monster, obviously). Plus his reaction to the various responses the film has drawn since its release.

Elsewhere in the interview, Scott and Matthew talk about punk rock politics, “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” and the practical realities of low-budget indie filmmaking. Plus, Matthew gives us a sneak peek into what he is working on next.

You can buy or rent “Uncle Peackerhead” on Amazon Prime here


Cannibalism., DUH, Gory, Green Day, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Indie filmmaking, low budget, Matthew James Lawrence, New Jersey, pratical effects, Punk Rock, Uncle Peckerhead, Warped Tour

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