September 10

Episode 9 – Ben Young Interview


New Horror Express
Episode 9 - Ben Young Interview

This month on New Horror Express we talk to Australian film director Ben Young. We talk a lot about his new film “Extinction” as well as his feature debut “Hounds of Love” which was a breakout hit last year. As well as going into the shoots of both movies we also talk about the contrasts on working on a big budget set as opposed to an indie one, working on other’s material as opposed to your own and whether there is any difference in communicating with “name” actors. It should also be noted that at the point this interview was recorded “Extinction” had not been released yet so the interview delves into greater detail on “Hounds of Love”. Ben and I discuss the look of the movie, how he captured period detail, the stir it caused in Australia and his confusion with the movie been given the horror tag. As well as those two movies we talk about how he got into filmmaking, influences and he gives a tease on his latest project 31 AD2: The Future is Us.

Also you would like to check out either “Extinction” or “Hounds of Love” click the links below. Just don’t rush off to watch them before you  listen to Ben’s fascinating thoughts on the films!


“Hounds of Love”


Australian Horror, Ben Young, new horror, Psychological Thriller

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