October 24

October Frighfest Special – Airell Anthony Hayles & Martyn Pick – Heckle


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
October Frighfest Special - Airell Anthony Hayles & Martyn Pick - Heckle

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to screenwriter Airell Anthony Hayles and director Martyn Pick about their slasher horror-comedy “Heckle” which premieres at Frightfest’s October edition today!

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:41) we talk to both Anthony and Martin about the films unique shoot (it was shot in four separate blocks), how they assembled their idiosyncratic cast line-up (which includes Steve Guttenberg, Nicholas Vince, Toyah Wilcox, Clark Gable III & Dani Dyer) and what films had the greatest influence on this movie (which are much more than just the obvious!).

Plus, you will hear some fun onset stories, Anthony tells us what stand-up’s inspired his central characters and Martyn tells us about the major differences between directing live action and animation. The pair also gives us a very brief glimpse into their next project “The Last Final Girl.”

You can watch the trailer for “Heckle” here


80s, Airell Anthony Hayles, Clark Gable III, Dani Dyer, Frightfest, Guy Coombes, Heckle, Martyn Pick, Nicholas Vince, slasher, Steve Guttenberg, Toyah Wilcox

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