November 21

Guilty Pleasures Podcast: Hollow Man (2000)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Guilty Pleasures Podcast: Hollow Man (2000)

Welcome once again to our ongoing Guilty Pleasure’s bonus series! A series we begun as part of our friends Bloodhound Pix #HorrorNotFear campaign and was supposed to end last summer. It extended far beyond that but now is coming to an end in this penultimate. That said, keep an eye out on the Morbidly Beautiful network as the show will be re-launching with all new hosts (though keeping the same format) in 2023.

Before that we have got two great final episodes for you in this one and our Xmas episode. For this edition we ran a poll on social media platforms to see which film we would look at in our “Big Names, Bad Movies” edition. Would it be 2000s Hollow Man or 2005s Gothika. Well, we a decent majority you went Paul Verhoeven’s take on the Invisible Man, “Hollow Man.”

Alongside NHE host Scott Murphy to dive into this one we have a great special guest in the form of horror writer George Daniel Lea.

Over the course of the episode the pair talk about how early 2000s the film is, how Kevin Bacon’s character makes for an unconvincing scientist and how the film takes at the worlds least secure top secret government facility.

Plus we get into the films most problematic elements, the impressiveness of its visual effects and how it is a a slasher masquerading as a psychological thriller.


2000, Big budget horror, early 00s horror, Elisabeth Shue, Invisible Man, Josh Brolin, Kevin Bacon, Paul Verhoeven

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