Iron Sky: The Coming Race Interview Special

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Interview Special

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In a change-up from our regular fortnightly schedule, NHE presents an “Iron Sky: The Coming Race” Interview Special. Which sees NHE host Scott Murphy chat to director Timo Vuorensola and one of the stars of the film the legendary actor Udo Kier.

In our chat with Timo (interview begins at 2:16), he tells us about how the story for the sequel developed, the research into conspiracy theories he did for the movie and the legal issues which delayed the release of the picture. Plus, he gives us a taster of what to expect next from the Iron Sky Universe!

Following on from that in our talk with Udo (interview begins at 26:50) he explains what brought him back to the franchise, how it was pretending to act opposite himself and how he has managed to avoid being typecast as a genre actor over his 50+ year career.

Watch the trailer for “Iron Sky: The Coming Race” here

“Iron Sky: The Coming Race” is out now in U.S. Theatres and on VOD. You can also purchase it here

For all the latest Iron Sky Universe news you can head on over to the official website here

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