June 21

Jaco Bouwer Interview – Gaia (2021)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Jaco Bouwer Interview - Gaia (2021)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Jaco Bouwer about his newest feature “Gaia.” A psychedelic eco-horror set deep in the South African rain forest.

Over the course of the interview Jaco talks to us about the early genesis of the project which he developed with writer Tertius Kapp and the challenges of getting the funding for a horror project in South Africa. Plus, he talks about the difficulties of filming in isolated rain forest locations, the struggles of the production been shut down because of COVID and how he brought the cast together for the film.

Elsewhere in the interview, Scott talks to Jaco about the biggest influences on the film, the potentially divisive nature of the film and the movie’s success at SXSW. As well as that we have an interesting discussion about just how much attention he pays to reviews. 

For US listeners “Gaia” is out now in US Cinemas and it is out on VOD June 25th.


Alex Van Dyk, Anthony Oseyemi, Bibilical, Body Horror, Carel Nel, Eco Horror, Gaia, Jaco Bouwer, Monique Rockman, South Africa, Tsitsikamma forest

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