September 27

Jesse Blanchard Interview – Frank & Zed (2020)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Jesse Blanchard Interview - Frank & Zed (2020)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Jesse Blanchard about his new movie “Frank & Zed.” A film that has been wowing the festival circuit and is quite probably the goriest all-puppet movie ever made!

In the interview Jesse talks to us about the epic six year journey it took to bring the film to the big screen and explains just how painstaking working with puppets is. As well as going in-depth as to how him and his crew achieved the many effects on the movie particularly the many gnarly gore effects they did for it.

Elsewhere, Jesse and Scott discuss the notoriously the difficult balance between horror and comedy when making a horror comedy, what Jesse main inspirations were and what he think the best gag in the movie is.

You can watch the trailer for “Frank & Zed” here

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