December 30

Josh Stifter Interview – Greywood’s Plot (2019)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Josh Stifter Interview - Greywood's Plot (2019)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Josh Stifter about his film “Greywood’s Plot.” A movie that starts out being about a search for a monster in the woods but goes in a direction you wont see coming!

Over the course of the interview Scott chats to Josh about the pluses and minuses of shooting on a shoestring, his favourite and least favourite role working on the film (he was director, actor, co-writer, editor & visual effects supervisor) and how audiences have reacted to the films left turns.

Elsewhere in the interview Josh talks about his experiences working with Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith, how he got into both filmmaking and animation and about the strange development of his next movie “Scumbag.”

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Animation, Bigfoot, Black & White, Conspiracy Theories, Greywood's Plot, Indie Horror, Josh Stifter, Scumbag, shoestring budget, Surreal

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