September 25

Matheus Marchetti – Phantom Summer (2022)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Matheus Marchetti - Phantom Summer (2022)

On this episode NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Matheus Marchetti about his new film “Phantom Summer.”

Over the course of the interview Scott talks to Matheus about Phantom Summer’s unique shooting location, the difficulties of shooting a musical and his mix of high art and low art influences.

Plus, we get into Matheus love of musicals, peoples narrow definition of the musical genre, his desire to do a shark movie and countless other things that in what turned out to be a jampacked interview!

Also, remember you can check out New Horror Express over at theĀ Morbidly BeautifulĀ network.


Brazillian horror, Fantaspoa, Indie Horror, Lovecraftian, Matheus Marchetti, Micro-Budget, Musical horror, Opera, Phantom Summer, surreal horror

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