March 1

Maximiliano Contenti Interview – Red Screening (AKA Al Morir La Matinee)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Maximiliano Contenti Interview - Red Screening (AKA Al Morir La Matinee)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Maximiliano Contenti about his latest feature “Red Screening” (AKA Al Morir La Matinee). A Uruguyan slasher which mixes the style of classic Giallo’s with knowing ’90s slashers to unique effect.

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:50) we talk to Maxi about how he got to shoot in the incredible old fashioned cinema that provides the films location, the variety of horror influences that went into making the movie and the complex process of what was going to be the movie-within-the-movie (which before you ask is a real film). Also, he tells why he decided to set it in the ’90s and some of the complications they had with the films practical effects.

Elsewhere in the interview, Maxi tells us about why he decided to make his killer a “boogeyman” killer Ala Michael Myers, a bit about the films festival journey and how he hopes to expand the “Red Screening” universe.

You can watch the trailer of “Red Screening” (AKA Al Morir La Matinee) here


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