September 10

NHE Guilty Pleasures: Leprechaun in the Hood


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
NHE Guilty Pleasures: Leprechaun in the Hood

Welcome back to our brand new Guilty Pleasure’s series! A series we have begun as part of our friends Bloodhound Pix #HorrorNotFear campaign, which will see New Horror Express along with several other outlets offering bonus content over the next year.

We ran a poll on social media platforms to see which film we would look at in our “Shonky Sequels” edition of the series between “Leprechaun in the Hood” and “Seedy of Chucky.” And in our closest poll yet, with 52% of the vote, you chose “Leprechaun in the Hood.”

On the show to give a *ahem* serious dissection of the movie, alongside our host Scott Murphy, we have two great former guests in “A Ghost Waits” director Adam Stovall and “The Horror at Gallery Kay” director Abe Goldfarb.

Over the course of the episode, we do our best to recap the plot of the film, ponder how many stereotypes one film can fit in and question if any on the production had actually listened to rap music before. And yes we, of course, discuss THAT rap which Abe gives us a beautiful rendition of.

Plus, we talk about director Rob Spera’s weird relationship with the film, how this flick fits in to the Leprechaun franchise canon and give some praise to the performances of Warwick Davis and Ice-T.

Listen to Adam Stovall’s previous appearance on the show here

Listen to Abe Goldfarb’s previous appearance on the show here


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