January 18

Richard Oakes & Adam Leader Interview – “Hosts”, Home Invasions and Shocking Violence!


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Richard Oakes & Adam Leader Interview - "Hosts", Home Invasions and Shocking Violence!

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writing/directing duo Richard Oakes and Adam Leader about their debut feature “Hosts.” A body-snatching home invasion horror which features possibly the most nightmarish Christmas dinner ever!

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:45), we talk to Richard and Adam about how they independently funded the film through their YouTube channel and how their backers got a bit more than in your usual crowdfunding campaign. Richard tells us how he transferred some of his skills as a music video director on to this film and Adam explains how he felt with this being his very first directing gig.

Elsewhere in the interview we talk a little bit about what is sure to be the most controversial scene in the movie (involving the most brutal use of a hammer in a British horror since Kill List!) both in terms of how it was to film and how they thought the scene would be received by audiences. Plus, how they feel about their film being confused with Zoom horror sensation “Host.”

You can watch the trailer for “Hosts” here

“Hosts” is now available in the UK on Sky, Prime Video or iTunes


Adam Leader, Bodysnatching, British Horror, Christmas, Frank Jakeman, Home Invasion, Hosts, Lee Hunter, Nadia Lamin, Neal Ward, Richard Oakes, Samantha Loxley

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