September 14

The Geare Brothers – The Retaliators


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
The Geare Brothers - The Retaliators

On this episode NHE host Scott Murphy chats to screenwriters The Geare Brothers (Jeff Allen & Darren) about their film “The Retaliators.”

Over the course of the interview Scott talks to the brothers about the personal origins of the script, how they go about co-writing and the hurdles they faced explaining the films tonal shifts and genre mash-up elements to producers. Plus, we talk about into the difficulties of the films shoot, the movies triumphant screening at last year’s Frightfest and their film festival highlights.

Plus, we get into the differences between Western & Asian Cinema, Tarantino, Siskel & Ebert and critics relationship with genre cinema amongst a whole lot of other great stuff!


action, Better Noise Films, Death Wish, Dirty Harry, Evil Dead, Genre cinema, Hostel, Indie Horror, Marc Menchaca, Michael Lombardi, Revenge Thriller, Splatter Horror, The Geare Brothers, The Retaliators

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