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The Guilty Pleasures Podcast – Ouija (2014)


New Horror Express
New Horror Express
The Guilty Pleasures Podcast - Ouija (2014)

Welcome once again to our ongoing Guilty Pleasure’s bonus series! A series we begun as part of our friends Bloodhound Pix #HorrorNotFear campaign and was supposed to end last summer. But the show rolls on now that we have become a firm fixture at the Morbidly Beautiful network and we just have so much damn fun doing it. So, it will now roll on forever! (or however long people allow us to keep doing this!).

We ran a poll on social media platforms to see which film we would look at in our “Supernatural Silliness” edition. Would it be 2018’s “The Nun” or 2014’s “Ouija.” Well it was pretty tight but in the end it was the boardgame movie that won through!

Alongside NHE host Scott Murphy to dive into this one we have a great former guest in the form of “It Cuts Deep” director Nicholas Payne Santos.

Over the course of the episode the Scott and Nick talk about whether the film deserved its vociferous critical reaction, how the film is wackier than it first appears and some of the most convenient plotting you are likely to see in a film.

Plus they ask they important questions like “Why do all these movies have to feature a wise old Italian lady?”, “Does anybody know what the supernatural rules are supposed to be in this film?” and most important of all “How much does Stiles White hate Mike Flanangan?”

Listen to Nicholas’s previous appearances on the Guilty Pleasures pod here

Listen to Nicholas’s original interview here

Check out “It Cuts Deep” here


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