New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Bonus Episode: NHE Best Horror Movies of 2018 Part II

In this episode NHE host Scott Murphy along with his special guest co-hosts Ron Nichols and Elizabeth Orrichol (Storm) continue their look back at the best horror movies of 2018.

To recap here is the individual Top 10’s in full:

NHE host Scott Murphy’s Top 10:

10 Pazucus: Island of Vomit & Despair 9 Rabbit 8 Calibre 7 Annihilation 6 The Endless 5 Ghost Stories 4 Revenge 3 A Quiet Place 2 Hereditary 1 Mandy

Just Missed Out: Pyewacket, Knuckleball, Possum, Halloween, The Witch in the Window, You Might Be the Killer

Ron Nichol’s Top 10:

10 The Nun 9 Overlord 8 The Endless 7 A Quiet Place 6 Hold the Dark 5 Aterrados (AKA ‘Terrified’) 4 Annihilation 3 Mandy 2 The Haunting of Hill House 1 Hereditary

Honourable mention: Possum, Lodger, Upgrade, Ghost Stories

Elizabeth Orrichol’s (Storm) Top 10:

10 Pyewacket 9 The Nun 8 Overlord 7 Annihilation 6 A Quiet Place 5 Ghost Stories 4 Aterrados (AKA ‘Terrified’) 3 The Haunting of Hill House 2 Mandy 1 Hereditary