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October 28, 2019

Episode 37 – Carolina Hellsgård

Endzeit (Ever After)

Episode 37 – Carolina Hellsgård

00:00 / 00:46:37

NHE host Scott Murphy talks to director Carolina Hellsgård all about her latest feature, the fable-like zombie film “Endzeit (Ever After),” which is based on the graphic novel of the same name and provides a very different take on the over-saturated zombie sub-genre.

In the interview, you will hear what drew Carolina to the project, how it took an 18-month search to find her lead actresses, and the other movie influences she drew from in making this picture. We also chat with Carolina about the film’s unique look for a zombie film (rejecting the genre usual de-saturated colour palette for a more lush look) as well as its fairy tale feel.

Away from the film Carolina talks to us about German attitudes towards horror and why she thinks more directors from an arthouse background are being attracted to the horror genre. Plus, Carolina talks to us about her personal favourite horror movies and tells us a bit about her next film, “Sunburned.”

Watch “Endzeit – Ever After” trailer here

You can buy “Endzeit – Ever After” on Amazon.com here. Also, US listeners can stream it on Shudder.

July 8, 2019

Episode 29 – Travis Stevens Interview

Episode 29 – Travis Stevens Interview

00:00 / 01:09:30

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director/producer/ and founder of Snowfort Pictures Travis Stevens about his debut feature “Girl on the Third Floor” which premiered to great acclaim at SXSW. Over the course of the interview (begins at 2:07) Travis talks about taking the leap from producer to director, how the project came to fruition and the challenges of the shoot of the film. Plus how former WWE star and UFC fighter Phil Brooks (AKA CM Punk) came to be in the movie.

Away from the feature Travis tells us about how he got in movie producing, the origins of Snowfort Pictures, his love of punk music and the forthcoming projects he his working on. Also, Travis tells us about the uniquely Scottish experience he had when visting our fair land!

Check out the trailer for “Girl on the Third Floor” here

“Girl on the Third Floor” is set have it’s UK premiere at Arrow’s Frightfest on Sunday 25th August.

May 27, 2019

Episode 26 – Quarxx Interview

Episode 26 – Quarxx Interview

00:00 / 00:52:05

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Quarxx about his debut feature “All The Gods in the Sky.” Over the course of the interview (interview begins at 3:06), Quarxx tells us about the short film the feature is based on and the curious and somewhat surreal origins of how the initial story for that short came about. Quarxx also recounts the epic year-long search for his lead actress for that original short which led him to all sorts of unexpected places before landing on model turned actress Melanie Gaydos for the part. Due, at first, to her unique look borne of a consequence of a rare genetic disorder (ectodermal dysplasia) which prevents teeth, nails, pores, cartilage, and bones from developing. He also explains how notable Belgian actor Jean-Luc Couchard came to be onboard with the project.

Away from the film, Quarxx tells us about his background in painting and photography, how he got into filmmaking and how his artistic background bleeds into his cinematic work.

Watch “All The Gods in the Sky” trailer here

“All the Gods in the Sky” is currently in theaters in France and is set to be screened at the 19th Edition of NIFFF (Neuchâtel International Fantastique Film Festival)  in July.