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New Horror Express
NHE Frighfest Special 3: Airell Anthony Hayes and Sam Casserly Interview

In our third and final Frightfest special NHE host Scott Murphy talks to directors Airell Anthony Hayes and Sam Casserly about their debut feature “They’re Outside.” A film that made its world premiere at this year’s digital Frightfest and provides an interesting mixture of both found footage and folk horror.

Over the course of the interview (begins at 2:02) we talk to the pair about the initial inspiration behind the film, Airell’s research into pagan myth to create the fictional “Green Eyes” mythology and how they got genre stalwarts Nicholas Vince and Emily Booth on board the project. Plus, we chat to them about concerns around making a found footage when it is already such an over-exposed sub-genre. And, given this is a Frightfest special, we talked to them about the reaction it received at the festival.

Away from the film we also get into their many other projects including “Frostbite” – a Santa Claus werewolf movie that started shooting just this week!

You can watch the trailer for They’re Outside here