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New Horror Express
George Daniel Lea Interview - Born in Blood Vol. 2, Strange Playgrounds and much, MUCH more!

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to horror writer George Daniel Lea about his short story collection “Born in Blood: Volume 2” and his YouTube channel Strange Playgrounds.

Over the course of the interview Scott talks to George about the mythology that he created for “Born in Blood Volume 2” and its predecessor, the chief influences on the collection and the TV series he is planning based on the book. Plus, we get into his many other activities as reviewer and YouTuber.

Elsewhere in the interview, George talks about his appreciation for the works of Clive Barker, how he feels Alien 3 is unfairly maligned and his love of tangents. Talking, of which, there is a number in this episode as the pair glide through The Exorcist, New Atheism, Mel Gibson, Post 9/11 culture and a whole lot more!