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New Horror Express
Daniel M. Caneiro Interview - El Cerro de los Dioses AKA God's Hill (2019)

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Daniel M. Caneiro about his debut feature “El Cerro de los dioses” AKA “God’s Hill.” A found footage mockumentary which aims satirical barbs at celebrity culture while merging it with a tale of the occult.

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:43) Daniel tells us how he came to assemble his starry cast and why he wanted to deconstruct our cultural obsession with fame. He also goes into how with the talking head interviews in the movie he wanted to blur the lines between fiction and reality and keep the viewer guessing as to what is what. Plus, he details the worst day of shooting on the film, which saw him and his crew nearly lose the movie’s finale!

Elsewhere in the interview, Scott and Daniel talk about the response he got from the villagers of Fuentelsaz (one of the key locations in the film), how his festival run was inevitably thrown off by COVID and whether we are likely to see a sequel any time in the future as well. Plus, what he is working on now and how he wishes to continue making films within the horror genre.