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New Horror Express
Matt Glasby Interview - Book of Horror - Scariest Movies Ever!

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to film critic Matt Glasby about his new book “The Book of Horror: The Anatomy of Fear in Film.” A book which explores the scariest horror movies ever made and just exactly what makes them scary.

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:42), we talk to Matt about what inspired to write the book in the first place, the experience of watching six films a day for months to research the book and the seven key matrix he created to establish what makes scary movies scary. Plus Scott gets plenty of new film recommendations (as will even other ardent horror fans) with some of the more obscure selections in the book and debates with Matt over some of the inclusions (particularly IT Chapter Two).

Elsewhere in the interview you can hear Matt tell us why he thinks Supernatural horror is the scariest subgenre of all, why Texas Chainsaw retains its power over 40 years on and whether he has anymore horror books in him in the future.

You can buy “The Book of Horror: The Anatomy of Fear in Film” is available to buy here