New Horror Express
New Horror Express
NHE's Frightfest Special with Adam Stovall!

NHE host Scott Murphy looks back on this year’s special digital edition of Frightfest, giving his thoughts on the highlights and lowlights of the fest. Alongside him to talk about all things Frightfest is writer/director Adam Stovall, who’s own film “A Ghost Waits” was playing at the festival.

In the episode you can hear his reaction to massively positive response his film got from Frightfest fans. Plus his reaction to the movie scooping Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor in Total Film’s Frightfest Awards. Elsewhere you can listen to what he thought of three other Frightfest films he managed to check out (The Columnist, Blinders and The Swerve) and host Scott gives his rankings of everything he caught at the festival.

Here are those official NHE Frightfest 2020 rankings : 14 – Aquaslash 13 – Playhouse 12 – I Am Lisa 11- Enhanced 10- Two Heads Creek 9 – They’re Outside 8 – The Columnist 7 – Dark Place 6 – Blinders 5 – Skull: The Mask 4 – Clapboard Jungle 3 – 12 Hour Shift 2 – The Swerve 1 – A Ghost Waits

You can also listen to our original interview with Adam about “A Ghost Waits” here

You can also check more things “A Ghost Waits” at its brand new official website here