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New Horror Express
Jill "Sixx" Gevargizian Interview - The Stylist

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Jill Gevargizian about her debut feature “The Stylist.” A film which is not only a vicious slasher but a soul-crushing portrayal of anxiety (in the best way!).

In the interview (the interview begins at 2:08) we talk to Jill about how she expanded the short into a feature, the differences between short filmmaking and feature filmmaking and what the major influences were on the movie. Plus, how everyone steals from everyone but that is okay just as long as you can put your own personal mark on something.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jill tells about how she strove to create an honest (if extreme) look at anxiety, how she would make a radically different film if she were to make a sequel and her reaction to the way the film went down at Frightfest.

You can watch a clip of “The Stylist” here

You can watch the original short here

You can listen to Jill’s first appearance on the podcast here

“The Stylist” will be available on the Arrow Player on March 1st