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Kelli Maroney interview - Lovecraft, Comets and Killer Robots!

In celebration of the final Women in Horror month NHE host Scott Murphy chats to iconic horror actress Kelli Maroney about her career in horror from her breakout roles in the likes of “Night of the Comet” and “Chopping Mall” right through to her most recent roles in the likes of “The Deep Ones”

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:35) we talk to Kelli about how she got started in horror, her acting philosophy and her multiple collaborations with director Jim Wynorski. Plus, Kelli tell us some fun behind-the-scene tales from the sets of “Night of the Comet,” “Chopping Mall” and “The Zero Boys.” Including how they achieved those empty street shots in “Night of the Comet” and why she butted heads with Zero Boys director Nico Mastorakis.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kelli tells us how she developed the background for her character in “The Deep Ones”, how she hopes to see a Deep Ones 2 and gives us some details on her current projects including pandemic thriller “Staycation.”

You can watch the trailer for the “The Deep Ones” here

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