New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Nicholas Vince Interview - Hellraiser, I Am Monsters & The Chattering Hour

Welcome to our 100th interview episode!

For this special edition, we needed a special guest, and we definitely got one in the form of the Chatterer himself: Nicholas Vince! NHE host Scott Murphy chats to Nicholas about his life in acting, his new play “I Am Monsters” and, of course, “Hellraiser.”

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:55) Nicholas talks us about how he first got into acting, how he ended up getting cast in “Hellraiser” and how difficult it was acting under all those Chatterer prosthetics. Plus, we get into how he came to write the autobiographical “I Am Monsters,” why he thinks the play requires audience and so he won’t be performing it online instead waiting for theatre audiences return.

Elsewhere in the interview, Scott talks to Nicholas about whether he has kept up with the Hellraiser franchise, the prejudice he faced as a gay man in Thatcher’s Britain and how much he feels the world has moved on (unfortunately not as much as we would all like). Plus, we get into his own the podcast “The Chattering Hour.”

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