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New Horror Express
Grimmfest Special 2 - Alastair Orr - Triggered

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Alastair Orr about his survival action-horror “Triggered” which played at this year’s digital Grimmfest earlier on in the month.

In the interview (the interview begins at 1:29), we talk to Alastair about how video games were a big inspiration on the film, about the difficulties he encountered during the shoot and why he decided to set the film in the States as opposed to South Africa. Plus, you can hear how Alastair was nervous the film would be received as a “Battle Royale” rip-off and how pleased he was with the reception it got at Frightfest.

Elsewhere in the interview, Alastair explains what type of director he is, gives his thoughts on the current state of genre cinema in South Africa and tells us what his production company First Order is working on now.

Watch the “Triggered” trailer here

“Triggered” is available On Demand and Digital on November 6th in the United States with further release to follow