New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 40 - Fernando Alle

NHE host Scott Murphy talks to director Fernando Alle about his debut feature, the action-horror-comedy “Mutant Blast.” Which since it’s debut last year at MOTELX – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival has been at festivals all over the world, including a few here in the UK (Frighfest, Leeds International Film Festival, Derby Film Festival).

In the interview, we talk to Fernando about how he came up with such a crazy idea for the movie, how he managed to balance various tones and genres in the film and how his cast reacted to the script on the first read. Moreover, we talk about how he and his crew managed to achieve the movie; multiple effects shot on such a low budget. Fernando also tells us how the film was picked up for distribution by famed genre outfit Troma and how he feels his movie differs from many of Troma’s own pictures.

On top of all that, Fernando tells us about some unexpected influences on the film, his omnivorous tastes in cinemas, and the danger of putting directors in a particular genre box. Plus, how he feels he wants his next project to be something quite different from “Mutant Blast” (possibly even a drama).

You can watch the trailer for “Mutant Blast” here

You can also check out this Behind-the-scenes trailer here