New Horror Express
New Horror Express
Episode 31 - Caryn Waechter Interview

NHE host Scott Murphy talks to director Caryn Waechter (interview begins at 1:51) about her new feature “Deadcon” which when we recorded the interview had yet to have its World Premiere at Cinepocalypse in June, so we talk a little about Caryn’s anticipation for that.

Also, over the course of the interview, Caryn tells us what attracted her to the project, how she brought together the cast of social media “influencers,” Plus, the experience of shooting at VidCon and how the film satirises that world.

Caryn also chats to Scott about her own interest in technology both in terms of how it shapes peoples lives and in terms of it being a theme she is attracted in stories she wants to tell on screen. Plus we delve a little into her first feature “The Sisterhood of Night” which was similarly technologically themed.

Watch the “Deadcon” trailer here

“Deadcon” will have its International Premiere at Arrow’s Frightfest on Monday 26th August. For which you can buy tickets here