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Emily Hagins Interview - Scare Package Anthology - Cold Open

NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Emily Hagins about “Cold Open” her segment in the horror anthology “Scare Package.” A film that might just be the most covered on the show given we have also talked two other directors who worked on the film (Aaron B. Koontz and Anthony Cousins).

Over the course of the interview (begins at 1:44), we talk to Emily about how she came on board the anthology, why she chose to skewer the trope of the cold open and why she thought actor Jon Michael Simpson would be perfect for the role of Michael Myers (no relation) in the short. Plus, Emily tells us about all the fun they had on set including a interesting story with a machete!

Elsewhere in the interview Emily tells us about her early break into directing (she was 12 when she made her first film), the documentary that was made about that early break and why horror comedies are her favourite thing to make. As well as why she never reads her own reviews.

You can watch “Scare Package” on Shudder here

“Scare Package” is available on Blu-Ray & DVD from October 20th.